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Jul 16 2015

What’s Orangey-Red, Comes in a Box, & Makes Neighbors Question my Squeals?

What’s ‘orangey-red’, comes in a cute medium-sized box, and makes my neighbors wonder,  “What is that squealing I hear?” Paper Pumpkin!   So, just for you, here’s a sweet peek at July’s Paper Pumpkin package of creative fun! Here’s how to get your own little box of creativity!  Choose to receive it every month, skip […]

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Nov 19 2014

Nuggets, Gifting, & ‘How To’!

Hey there, m’friends! I’m back again with another quick & easy gifting idea … and … another video tutorial to share! Now this gifty happens to be “sweet”.   And believe it or not …. ZERO Hershey’s Nuggets were injured, maimed, bitten or eaten during the production or preparation of the following projects or video!   Yep! […]

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Nov 16 2014

The ‘Pumpkin’ at It’s Finest!

Hold on!   This is merely “my” own little opinion.   😉 But I honestly do believe that the newest arrival in my mailbox .. the latest My Paper Pumpkin … is one of the very bestest MPP boxes so far! This weekend’s Christmas Card Buffet kept me busy & happy until evening yesterday … when I […]

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May 10 2014

Back in the Studio Saddle & Rearin’ to Share!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooooooooooo!! This country chick is back in the studio after a brief hiatus for some interior redesign & repair surgery.  How’s it goin’ just 9 days post-op?  Well, I walked for over 1 hour today, and yesterday, and a smidgy less the days before.  Not so shabby, eh?! ~ ~ So let’s see just what’s […]

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Feb 11 2010

Our Record-Setting Texas Snow!

That’s right!   It was snowing as early as 4 a.m. here (did a window check!), and it’s still snowing now after 11:00 p.m., with more to fall through the night.    Now for my Northern friends, I know …. so what?!    LOL  ..  But for us … It just doesn’t happen.    At 10:00 it was 9.4 inches at […]

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