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Aug 20 2015

Pumpkins on Sale!

You don’t even have to get your walking shoes on for a trip to my patch of Paper Pumpkins! Yet they’re available to you at a special offer, without leaving your house. Paper Pumpkin by Stampin’ Up! It’s your paper fairy godmother (without the white hair). It’s your creativity problem-solver.  Stampin’ Up! designs, colors, measures, […]

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Jul 16 2015

What’s Orangey-Red, Comes in a Box, & Makes Neighbors Question my Squeals?

What’s ‘orangey-red’, comes in a cute medium-sized box, and makes my neighbors wonder,  “What is that squealing I hear?” Paper Pumpkin!   So, just for you, here’s a sweet peek at July’s Paper Pumpkin package of creative fun! Here’s how to get your own little box of creativity!  Choose to receive it every month, skip […]

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May 14 2015

So Just What ‘IS’ this Paper Pumpkin?

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So just what is this Paper Pumpkin you’ve been reading about?? If you haven’t tried Paper Pumpkin, now is a great time to sign up … You’ll get 50% off your first two months. With a deal like this, you’ll want to invite wanna-be-crafty friends to give it a try too! Offer Dates: May 12-June […]

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